Vizzn vs B2W vs HCSS Dispatcher: The Best Construction Automation Software.

Construction projects can be complicated. They involve coordination with multiple stakeholders, including contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and clients.

And it’s not just the people involved with the project that have to be coordinated — it’s also all of their equipment. This is why construction companies need a system for managing this complexity. A software platform that can track every aspect of a project from start to finish.

There are three leading construction automation software options in today’s market: Vizzn, B2W, and HCSS Dispatcher. Each has benefits that make it attractive for different construction companies.

Vizzn, B2W and HCSS Dispatcher at a Glance

Vizzn’s platform is most popular with small to medium-sized businesses (about $10 million to $500 million in revenue) in the construction industry. Vizzn offers easy access to information, cloud computing capabilities for multiple users on different devices, and compatibility with other programs through various integrations.

Heavy construction companies can use B2W for estimation and project management. Its features are tailored to large businesses, but there is a smaller package for companies with 10 – 25 employees.

HCSS Dispatcher also has a unique set of features. It is more complex and designed for more extensive construction businesses. It is used and developed by companies and organizations with 100 or more employees and at least $10 million in revenue per year.


Below is an in-depth analysis of the three construction software platforms:



Vizzn was founded in 2019, and its platform has grown to service several construction professionals around the world. Vizzn offers comprehensive project management capabilities with cloud computing, internet access anywhere, and compatibility with other programs through Microsoft suite integration.


  • Easier to navigate than other platforms, especially for construction professionals who are new to construction management software
  • The ability to create multiple dashboards with information relevant to specific company functions, job sites, or projects
  • An intuitive interface that makes it easier to find information and access projects, tasks, and documents
  • Supports the use of multiple devices and operating systems (compatible with both Windows and Apple systems)
  • Internet access capability from any web browser or Vizzn mobile app for any time, anywhere access to your projects.


  • It does not have a free trial but you can book a free demo.



B2W was established in 1993 and currently serves several construction companies. B2W software is geared towards heavy construction companies with more users.

A unique feature of B2W over its competitors is its ease of use. The B2W software can be used for estimating & bidding, scheduling & dispatching, field track analysis, equipment maintenance, and safety & inspection. It also features higher-level security and reporting capabilities.



  • Specific, user-defined fields for job sites and projects
  • Ability to view information related to just a particular area at any given time
  • Alignment with the AIA industry standard for construction documentation


  • Some people have notes that the device comes with insufficient instruction, and further training and setup costs are high.
  • While others have stated: the integration is excellent, the limited functioning of specific programs prevents them from reaching their full potential.


HCSS Dispatcher

HCSS Dispatcher was founded in 1986 and served over 4,000 construction companies worldwide. HCSS offers a wide range of project management features such as Gantt charts and critical path analysis.

However, it may be somewhat complex for small construction companies with ten or fewer users.


  • A Gantt chart for a visual display of a project’s progress, including task breakdowns and milestones
  • View multiple projects on one screen, all with live updates to keep users up to date.
  • Advanced dispatching functionality that allows companies to schedule tasks from a central location
  • The option to create a custom account for your construction business’ specific needs, including reporting and project management


  • Prior reviews have said, it can be a bit sluggish at times
  • At least one person stated: it does not correctly interface with E360 for telematics mileage data


Vizzn vs B2W vs HCSS Dispatcher: How Do They Compare?

Vizzn and B2W are cloud-based software platforms that make daily tasks easier for smaller construction companies. Both platforms offer compatibility and easy access to information through mobile apps. They also provide user-friendly interfaces and similar features.

The significant difference between Vizzn and B2W is in the customers they serve.

Vizzn focuses on small to mid-sized businesses with ten or more users. It has very unique features like, “walk the drawings”, making it a potential break out software to revolutionize the construction industry. It can still track projects from start to finish using Microsoft integration.

B2W, on the other hand, is most popular with construction companies in commercial and civil industries that employ 25 or more users. Its features are tailored to large businesses, but there is a smaller package for companies with 10 – 25 employees.

The significant benefits of Vizzn and B2W over HCSS Dispatch include ease of use, affordable pricing, and compatible devices.

Vizzn and B2W can be used on various devices, but not as many as HCSS Dispatch. This can be a significant issue for construction companies with multiple laptops, cell phones, and tablets.

HCSS Dispatcher costs more than Vizzn and B2W, but its significant benefits such as a large customer support team, video tutorials, etc.

The only requirement is high-speed internet access, which most construction companies have today.

hcss b2w vizzn construction site automation software

Final Thoughts

Overall, Vizzn is recommended for small to medium construction companies (up to $500 million revenue) that don’t need complicated features and devices access. Vizzn is great if you are looking to become a more efficiently run construction company, reduce costs, and have better operations intelligence.

B2W is ideal for mid-sized construction companies, while HCSS Dispatch is the best option for companies with many devices, multiple construction sites, and complex tasks.

When considering the software to choose, it’s essential to know what features will help you with your construction projects. That way, you will ascertain the software that is best for you.