Best Examples of Automation in Construction

Best Examples of Automation in Construction

The onset of high-end technologies in various industries throughout the world is rampant. Everything is interconnected, from computers to even the most manual jobs on the planet.

automation in construction

Having said so, construction is the industry is no exemption to that. It is also aligned with the goal to reduce the effort in workloads, provide a safer work environment, and lessen repetitive tasks to humans.

In this way, builders will have the ability to create a more desirable workplace. However, we can’t deny the fact that it has its own set of disadvantages like laying off of some employees. Since things will be automated, there will be a lesser need for human intervention.

Why does construction automation take place?

In the first place, we are living in a world that continues to evolve over time. We must integrate new technologies for more efficiency on the results of our projects. Same with the construction industry, automation means more efficiency by cutting out costs and working time.

The Examples

In this part of the article, let us now dig deeper into this automation thing by jotting down some examples of automation.

Robotic Machines

Machines are the primary driving force of automation software. This is composed of robots that perform the tasks of humans. It can be as simple as hauling objects up to building a particular object.

It reduces the hazards that can happen to a worker making the workplace much safer than it was before.

This is made possible with the right programming and devices such as GPS that are integrated into the machines.

Surveillance Machines

Drones are the perfect example of machines that can be used for monitoring purposes. Since not all areas in the construction site are safe to monitor, by using drones. This will prevent accidents to happen on the construction site. It will make site inspection much faster and more efficient.

Concrete Robots

Demolition jobs and mixing cement can be done by robots nowadays. They are considered to be more efficient compared to their human counterparts. It can also polish concrete flooring better than humans.

Data Processing and Collection

Drones and IoT machines become a very important aspect of automation in the construction industry. They have the ability to know the location, pressure, temperature, etc. You will also be able to modify the metrics to your preferences making automation more efficient.

Virtual Reality (VR)

When it comes to automation, virtual reality (VR) might be the most advanced of all. It is very important to have this automation on today’s construction projects. It allows you to have a clear projection of what the project will look like even without starting it yet. This will avoid errors in the project proper, making results much desirable as ever.

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